A Beautiful Day For NuPath’s “Beautiful Homes”

A crystal clear, late Summer day was the backdrop for NuPath’s fifth Home Beautiful Tour. A group of organizational personnel and special guests joined President/CEO Dan Harrison on a journey through three of the organization’s beautiful residences.

Vice President of Residential Operations, Karen Sullivan, played tour guide for the day, offering a history on each of the three residences the 18 guests would be visiting for the afternoon. Lisa LaRock, NuPath’s Payroll Manager, was among the handful of first-timers joining the group.

“I’ve heard some great things about these tours and, when the opportunity presented itself, I wanted to experience it for myself,” she said.

Tour number five began with the first of two stops in Wilmington at Woburn Street, a five-bedroom Farmhouse that was built over 150 years ago. Purchased in 1994, it was the first residential program at NuPath, opening its doors in 1997.

Rounded walls, a greenhouse and a former birthing room were just some of the highlights of this spacious, quirky home that Program Manager Filintro Prato says is always bustling with activity.

“This house is a popular spot with the men and women of NuPath,” he said. “There’s always something going on here.”

Cheryl Curry-Brown, another first-timer on the Home Beautiful Tour, commented on the history within Woburn Street’s walls saying, “I love the design, allure and history of this house. I’m a big fan of historical things and (Woburn Street) definitely caught my eye.”

A drive through the Wilmington back roads led the group to their second stop on the day at Middlesex Avenue. This four-bedroom ranch house is the latest addition to NuPath’s residential family, opening just prior to Christmas.

NuPath Residential Community Home

Middlesex Avenue is the latest addition to NuPath’s residential family, opening just nine months ago. (Photo: Ann Burket)

According to Facilities┬áSupervisor Tom Merluzzo, the renovation process was not an easy one. “It took us six months to get the house looking like it does today,” he said. “We had to make so many changes to make it accessible for the residents.”

Program Manager Jewel Clapis says the home is a significant increase in living space from their former residence at Deming Way on the other side of town. “It’s such a spacious house,” she said. “We love that it’s accessible for all of the residents and that’s the most important thing.”

The dining room is the highlight of the house with plenty of natural light filtering through its windows. “It’s a nice, open space so everyone can have lunch or dinner with a pretty nice view,” said Ilana Rubin, Manager of Employment and Community Engagement.

LaRock exclaimed, “The house is deceiving – it’s much more spacious than it looks from the outside!”

The third and final stop on the afternoon was a visit to Salem Street in Lynnfield. This five-bedroom house was purchased by NuPath in 2006 and, like Middlesex Ave., was renovated to accommodate its five residents.

NuPath Community Home

Guests of the Tour enjoy lunch on Salem Street’s spacious patio, overlooking the home’s open backyard. (Photo: Ann Burket)

Even though the residence had high ceilings and spacious bedrooms, the star of the house is its patio and open backyard. It’s an oasis of calm, even with Interstate 128 and the bustling Market Street Marketplace close by.

Several guests on the tour shared their perspectives on the luscious, green space, including Assistant Program Manager at Salem Street, Katie Schlosberg. “The more time we can spend in the backyard, the more we love it,” she said. “It’s a great place to have a meal or just relax and take in the scenery.”

Director of Human Resources, Karen Franklin, added, “It’s so peaceful back here. It feels like I’m in the countryside.”

Perhaps it’s not a surprise that several guests on the tour enjoyed lunch on the patio, taking advantage of the beautiful weather that has been present for most of the summer.

President and CEO Dan Harrison says these tours “are a great opportunity for people to view the great work that Karen (Sullivan) and her team are doing on a daily basis.”

“We look forward to showcasing more of what makes our residences beautiful in the future.”