Advocacy: A path to a brighter future.

People living with disabilities are often left out of decisions affecting them. They are not heard or not taken seriously – or told what to do without being asked what they want for themselves.

When people are not allowed to decide how they should live their own lives, it can make them feel dependent and unimportant.

At NuPath, we listen. We believe everyone’s opinions are important and should be taken seriously. Our unique advocacy for people with disabilities has built a robust and extensive track record of success over the past four decades. We work in cooperation with individuals and their families to protect, advocate for and advance their human, legal and service rights. We strive toward a society that values all people and supports their rights to dignity, freedom, choice and quality of life.

The men and women who live and work throughout our programs are active and involved citizens. They volunteer, maintain their homes, shop in local stores, help their neighbors and vote in local, state and national elections.