Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the backbone of NuPath, offering leadership, council and support across the organization. The diverse group helps NuPath pursue creative, yet growth-responsible avenues to broaden and expand operations.


Chair: Diann Sespico, Registered Nurse, Parent

Vice Chair: Michael Rossetti, Assistant Vice President, Stoneham Bank

Chair Emeritus: Sondi Stanton, Accountant

Treasurer: Barbara Crystal, Banker

Secretary: Jim Sullivan, Director of Information Technology, EDCO Collaborative


Carol A. Donovan, former State Representative

Arthur Duffy, Civic Leader, Woburn, MA

Jeff Cuoco, Member Representative

Randy Welch, Fundraising Development, Parent

Kristen Brandt, Marketing Director, Solect Energy

Jay Patterson, Vice President, Integrated IT

Scott Hagan, Professional Recruiter