“Beautiful Homes” Highlight NuPath’s Fourth Residential Tour

A blazing, hot summer day did not stop NuPath’s Residential Program playing host to their fourth Home Beautiful Tour. A dozen employees and special guests joined President/CEO Dan Harrison and Vice President of Residential Operations Karen Sullivan for what has become a popular event around the organization.

Wednesday’s tour visited the town of Billerica, home to two of NuPath’s 19 residential homes. The first stop was Heritage Road, a split-level Tudor house that was established by the organization in 2009. It was one of three residences opened that year.

The house may be on the smaller side at just 2,200 square feet but that isn’t a problem for Viola Jallah-Wright, Heritage Road’s Assistant Program Manager.

“It’s plenty of room for everyone here,” she said. “It feels so much like home.”

The welcoming atmosphere is, in large part, due to the consistency of the staff who have supported the five residents who have lived in the house since it opened. All but one of the staff who were around to help open the residence are still there today, which Jallah-Wright is grateful for.

“We all communicate and collaborate well with each other,” she said. “We have a great team of dedicated staff here, which makes our house truly a home.”

The garden at Heritage Road was hand-crafted by the residents and staff, housing fresh vegetables and herbs used in their home-cooked meals. (Photo: Ann Burket)

The garden at Heritage Road was hand-crafted by the residents and staff, growing fresh vegetables and herbs used in their home-cooked meals. (Photo: Ann Burket)

A unique feature of the home is a hand-crafted garden constructed by the residents and staff, growing fresh vegetables and herbs.

A two-mile journey through the back roads of Billerica led to Angie Road, the final stop on the tour. Established in 2011, the house has a personality all of its own, highlighted by the “chill room” sensory space.

This dimly lit, soothing space was created by Program Manager Doug Townsend with one thing in mind. “We wanted to create a room where anyone at home could go and unwind,” he said. “It’s an oasis of calm for our residents and staff.”

Dubbed “one of the most innovative managers I’ve ever met” by Harrison, Townsend places much emphasis on creating a community-inclusive atmosphere for the residents both in and out of the home – establishing a regular excursion cadence from Cape Cod to the White Mountains.

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The deck in the backyard of Angie Road in Billerica was a collaborative effort from manager Doug Townsend, residents and their family members. (Photo: Ann Burket)

According to the Pepperell native, there’s a universal sense of excitement whenever the house is planning one of their day-long excursions.

“Our home collectively gets excited about the activities we do around the house,” Townsend said. “It’s a great opportunity to immerse everyone in the community and have them experience everything our beautiful corner of the world has to offer.”

The unity and team spirit between everyone at Angie Road can be best personified by taking a look in their backyard, where a hand-crafted deck awaits residents and visitors alike. It was crafted in a short amount of time thanks to the collaborative efforts of Townsend, his staff and a couple of the residents who live there.

Those on the tour were impressed at the creativity and efforts that went into the project. “It’s inspiring to see how their teamwork could lead to something so beautiful,” said Ann Burket, Manager of Mobile Technology.

The fifth and final Home Beautiful Tour is scheduled for September 14.