Dentler Wins ADDP Continuing Education Scholarship Award

NuPath’s Senior Program Manager, Leigh Wilmot, has seen firsthand how much of an impact Evan Dentler has made at the Organizations Westford Day Habilitation Program. “He is one of the most dedicated and motivated staff I know,” she said.

This dedication to the job recently earned him a Continuing Education Scholarship from the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers (ADDP). Dentler will now have a little assistance in chasing his dream of being a Licensed Practical Nurse, thanks to Wilmot and Rexanne Royal, a nurse at NuPath’s Westford program.

“(Leigh and Rexanne) have been so supportive of me and willing to give me the tools I need to succeed,” he said. “I’m so excited to have been recognized for chasing my dreams by the ADDP.”

ADDP President and CEO Gary Blumenthal was impressed by Dentler and his work since joining NuPath in 2015. “There are…people living with disabilities…who rely on support to provide a wide variety of services that allow them to lead more independent lives. People like Evan provide the attention and dedication needed to best support people in our communities.”

The Developmental Specialist has excelled in being an engaging and curious man who finds no greater joy in life than ensuring the happiness of the men and women he interacts with daily.

“Evan takes great care in getting to know the people he supports on his caseload,” Wilmot remarked. “His compassion is one of his greatest assets and is invaluable to the Nursing field.”

In a letter to the ADDP Selection Committee, Royal attested to his compassionate nature and dedication to his work. She said that he “is a stellar member of our day habilitation team…and possesses a keen intuition, being deeply attuned to when the men and women we support feel ill…even if they cannot communicate their pain.”

For Dentler, continuing his education as an LPN came naturally. “I care so much about this population that I want to maximize the health and happiness of their lives in any way possible,” he said.

“Becoming an LPN will help make that dream a reality for me and the people we support.”

Dentler will receive his award at the ADDP Lead! Conference and Expo at the DCU Center in Worcester on May 4 and was recently accepted into the LPN Program at Greater Lowell Technical School. He plans to begin his studies in September.