NuPath “Goes for Gold” With Commemorative Holiday Tree

NuPath is going for gold this Holiday Season.

The organization’s Holiday Tree will be greeting visitors to their Home Office in Woburn this Holiday Season. The 15-foot tall tree is dressed up in lights, ornaments and trimmings in various shades and tones of gold.

The tree is the first of many visible ways NuPath will be celebrating its Golden Anniversary in the coming year. The organization will be celebrating 50 years of operation in 2018 – an achievement that President/CEO Dan Harrison and his organization take great pride in.

“It is amazing to reflect upon NuPath’s journey since we first opened in 1968,” he said. “Over the past five decades we have built a strong constituency that includes our employees, the men and women we support and their families, and an ever-expanding base of community partners and elected officials.”

Harrison believes NuPath’s tradition for grassroots advocacy is one of the organization’s greatest and enduring legacies. “Over the decades NuPath has consistently been at the vanguard of driving social change, helping to educate our lawmakers, and working tirelessly to advance the disabilities agenda in numerous ways,” he explains.

Harrison also added, “At its core NuPath’s mission has always been about improving lives, providing meaningful outcomes, and making the world a better place for people living with disabilities.”

He believes that without the efforts of NuPath and the larger disabilities community, Massachusetts would not hold its current position as one of the highest-ranking states in the country to provide the best funding, resources and opportunity for the disabled and their families.

“The fight is ongoing,” he continues. “We support some of the most vulnerable citizens of the Commonwealth and NuPath will always be the voice of advocacy on behalf of those who cannot speak.”

As a way to continue their advocacy, NuPath hosted an Open House at its Home Office recently where their community partners, local elected officials and Board of Directors networked with various staff from the agency to help reinforce NuPath’s mission and strengthen existing community bonds, while establishing new and innovative partnerships in the state.

“NuPath has bold plans for 2018 and beyond, and the need to raise capital to invest in technology, infrastructure and other innovative programs is central to those plans,” Harrison explained.

The Unity Light shines below NuPath’s “Golden Anniversary” Holiday Tree, decked out in golden lights and trimmings to represent the organization’s 50 years in operation. (Photo: Giuseppe Marraccino)

The Holiday Tree is decorated with over 3,000 lights and 600 ornaments – each ornament representing every month NuPath has been in operation. As the crowd filed in, the “Golden Anniversary” tree illuminated the organization’s recently-renovated, stunning atrium.

Many of those in attendance were amazed at the sheer majesty of the golden, shimmering tree that greeted them.

“What a fitting way to celebrate the season,” said Tyler Gates, a Financial Advisor who was recently introduced to NuPath in the past several months. “The tree gives off a very welcome and festive vibe.”

The sentiment was echoed by Mark DeAngelo, a representative of Kirkwood Printing, a community partner of the organization. “The tree immediately grabs your attention…it has that look where you just can’t take your eyes off it!” he exclaimed.

Beyond the marvel of the lights, ornaments and trimmings is the understanding that the Holiday Tree is not just for show – it is a visual representation of the organization’s growth over the past 50 years and the diverse group of people that make it happen, as Harrison explains.

“We want to be sure that people understand the tree is here to represent the many different branches of our organization and how they come together to make NuPath what it is – an inclusive community united under the goal of improving the lives of people with disabilities.”

It is that message that Brett Reily, NuPath’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, hopes visitors who take a trip to their Home Office in Woburn will understand and garner a greater appreciation for.

“The tree represents not just our 50 years supporting men and women with disabilities but also the community outreach and returning support so many local partners have provided to enable NuPath to be at the forefront of programming services for decades to come,” he said.

The shine and glimmer of NuPath’s Holiday Tree is a fitting precursor to the celebratory pride that will be on display over the course of the next 12 months.

Additionally, it serves as a warm reminder and anticipation of the “Golden Greetings” of the Holiday Season and begins a year-long appeal for continued support for NuPath’s mission to ‘make life’s journey happier, healthier, and more fulfilling for people living with disabilities.’