NuPath Hosts Massachusetts Legislators for Open House

NuPath has seen great change during its five decades in operation. Arguably, the most significant is the growing support from elected officials that have been appointed in the districts where the Organization’s day services and residential programs are located.

To recognize them for their continued advocacy in the disability community, NuPath President/CEO Dan Harrison recently invited several State Senators and Representatives to their Home Office for a Luncheon and tour of the organization’s headquarters on New Boston Street in Woburn.

NuPath Inc. is celebrating a ‘Golden Jubilee’ – 50 years of making life’s journey happier, healthier and more fulfilling for people living with disabilities through Day Services Programs, Residential Support and Community-based Services, including its progressive ‘No Walls’ programming that emphasizes the necessity for all people to be active participants in their communities on a daily basis.

Harrison believes that the support of elected officials, both on a local and state level, has enabled human service organizations like NuPath to adapt and grow with the explosive rates of young men and women aging out of public-school systems with developmental disabilities.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase the positive strides we are making because of (their) continued advocacy for people living with disabilities,” he said. “It is because of their dedication to disability rights that we are able to offer our services and programs aligned properly with the hopes and dreams of the people that attend our programs.”

Thomas (right) was one of several program participants at NuPath that met with State Representative James Dwyer (left) and Legislative Aide Sean Fitzgerald (center) during the Organization’s Legislators Open House on April 9. (Photo: Leo Gozbekian)

Among the distinguished guests in attendance were State Representative and long-time NuPath supporter James Dwyer, who spoke glowingly of the organization and their progress over the years.

“I have known NuPath for a long time…and witnessing how much they have grown over the years is something to behold,” he said. “The advocacy of the program participants, their families, staff and community-enriched programs, will continue to push this Organization to new heights.”

Richard Haggerty, Woburn City Council President and a candidate for State Representative, shared Representative Dwyer’s sentiments regarding the Organization and their evolution into a premier provider of disability services in Massachusetts.

“NuPath is like my extended family now,” he said. “The work this Organization does for people living with disabilities plays an integral role in what makes the City of Woburn so incredible.”

Also in attendance were a pair of first-time visitors to the New Boston Street headquarters including Sean Fitzgerald, a Legislative Aide to State Representative Jay Kaufman, and Jacob Mueller, Legislative Aide to State Senator Michael Barrett.

Lenny Parker (left) was one of several of NuPath’s program participants that greeted Senior Vice President or Program Operations, Dan Lannan (center), and President of the Woburn City Council, Richard Haggerty (right), during their tour of NuPath’s New Boston Street headquarters. (Photo: Leo Gozbekian)

“I had heard through colleagues of mine about NuPath and some of the newer program models they were developing, but I wanted to check it out for myself,” Mueller said. “I’m glad I was able to witness some of the programs in action!”

Fitzgerald added, “NuPath definitely left a lasting impression on me, personally. The work they have done for the past five decades…is a true testament to their Organizational stability and ability to evolve with the ever-changing needs and challenges of the industry.”

Along with NuPath Board Member and former Civic Leader, Art Duffy, everyone was given a tour of the New Boston Street program and had the chance to interact with several program participants along the way. Harrison and other members of NuPath’s executive team then met with the group to discuss the current needs and challenges that face the Organization today and in the future.

“It was a productive discussion and we hope that our colleagues in the Legislature will dedicate some time and effort to educate themselves on the challenges nonprofits continue to face,” Fitzgerald said.

“Organizations like NuPath need our support…and we will continue to advocate for all people with disabilities so they can lead meaningful lives in their communities.”