NuPath Showcases Their Beautiful Homes

A full house comprised of organizational personnel and special guests joined NuPath President and CEO Dan Harrison for the organization’s third “Home Beautiful Tour”. The tour visited four residences that men and women the Woburn-based nonprofit supports call their home.

Harrison began the tour with some glowing praise for Karen Sullivan, NuPath’s Vice President of Residential Operations. Sullivan, a veteran Executive of the agency, once again served as a tour guide for the day, offering 15 tour attendees some background into and history of each of the homes they would be visiting for the afternoon.

“I’ve worked with Karen a long time,” Harrison said. “She’s a master of the residential mystery and I’m elated to see her and her staff show off these stunning homes.”

He added, “Thanks to Karen’s leadership, our residential program (currently showcasing eighteen homes) represents our most rapidly growing business segment and largest source of funding revenue for our agency.”

The tour began in Lexington with a visit to Waltham St. Program Manager Corrine Paige, who also lives in the home, proudly displayed the humble abode where four women have resided since 1998.

Paige says the proximity to downtown Lexington provides the residents with a real sense of community. “The ladies love to walk around the square and are involved in many local activities,” she said. “The women feel a constant sense of inclusion in and around the Lexington area.”

A scenic drive through the countryside of Lincoln then took the group tour to NuPath’s newest home at Old Conant Circle in Waltham. Senior Program Manager Amanda Germany was there to welcome the guests to this modern home surrounded by conservation land.

Attendees of the "Home Beautiful" tour check out Old Conant Circle in Waltham, (Photo from Ann Burket)

Attendees of the “Home Beautiful” tour check out Old Conant Circle in Waltham. (Photo from Ann Burket)

“We’ve seen a variety of wildlife come through here!” she exclaimed. “The occasional turkey comes roaming through the backyard to pay us a visit, among a few other visitors from time to time.
Germany is especially appreciative of the location. “It’s a peaceful place where the men and women who live here can come home and relax,” she said.

Harrison, Sullivan and their guests then traveled to Huntley Lane in Lincoln. Program Manager Holly Wynkoop greeted guests into this spacious, ranch-style home that was generously donated in trust to NuPath by the previous owners.

The organization’s residential team combined to renovate the house into a four-bedroom oasis of peace and calm near Walden Pond. A spacious backyard was the highlight of the home, where Wynkoop says “our four ladies love spending time out here when the weather’s nice. It’s a great place to unwind and relax.”

The final stop of the day was on Concord Road, also in Lincoln. Program Manager Samuel Muleme informed the group that three men and two women reside in this stunning colonial. The house has a spacious kitchen with an “activity room” that shines bright with plenty of natural light.

The main attraction was the back porch, which overlooks a roomy, rolling backyard. Director of Assets Management, Joe Lahiff, even joked that the yard was so big, “they could construct a golf hole here!”

“I’m impressed with how personalized the homes are,” said Bea Grayson, a member of NuPath’s Board of Directors. “Although some of the homes require constant support systems and care for the residents, they are all perfectly designed to promote a comfortable living space just like all homes should.”

“Each home has it’s own personality,” said Deb Harris, an accountant at the nonprofit. “No two houses look or feel the same and this is a testament to Karen (Sullivan) and her residential staff that have tapped into the true likes and interests of the residents.”

“The tours are a great way to see the progress our residential program has made over the last decade,” said Laure Porter, Vice President of Human Resources at NuPath.

However, it was Director of Residential Services Doreen Mumper who summed it up best: “All of our homes are unique and personalized to everyone’s liking…and that’s what makes them beautiful.”

There are two additional “Home Beautiful Tours” scheduled for June 22 and August 31.