NuPath’s Iconic Beacon Of Unity Returns Home

NuPath’s Headquarters on New Boston Street in Woburn just got a little bit brighter.

The Unity Light, which has illuminated the Lobby of the Organization’s Main Office for several years, has returned to its rightful station after some necessary cleaning and maintenance.

NuPath President/CEO Dan Harrison is ecstatic to see that the Unity Light is back where it belongs after a short absence. “It is great to see the light back where it belongs,” he said. “It’s more than a light source – it represents arguably one of the most important core values on which the Organization prides itself – Unity.”

The Unity Light project originated in 2014 and was a tangible piece of the Organization’s “One NuPath” campaign. Over 300 employees and close to 200 program participants were given the option to choose one of over 30 pieces of stained glass that most appealed to them. From there, the chosen pieces were used to construct the design of a light that has lit up the front Lobby at New Boston Street for several years.

The team at PionArch, one of NuPath’s community partners, were tasked with regularly maintaining and upgrading the structure of the light as needed. Michal Szydlowska and his team were on hand to install the renovated structure on Saturday morning and, when finished, spoke about the process.

“Looking at the light, it’s great to see how much of a presence and significance it has to NuPath and what an icon it has become on New Boston Street,” he said, glancing towards the center of the Lobby. “It definitely ‘lights’ up the room and gets people talking – that’s for sure.”

NuPath Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Brett Reily, looks at the light from another perspective – one that closely aligns with the Organizational mission and vision.

“The light is one of the first things that catches the eye of staff, visitors and program participants every day…and, almost always, brings a smile to our faces,” he stated. “When a visitor, new employee, new program participant and even family members hear the story of the project, they immediately feel the pride and spirit the light intended to exude.”

The iconic beacon has since been replicated in smaller form for all of NuPath’s program sites with the goal of engaging the entire Organization, family, friends and community partners. “It serves as a reminder to everyone connected to NuPath that, no matter how different each person may be from each other, there is a common thread that weaves us all together,” Harrison proudly stated.

“We are not afraid to be bold…we are One NuPath – united under the premise of making our respective journey’s happier, healthier and more fulfilling…for all people.”