Autism Focused programs: A path to stronger communities

Our innovative program model addresses the unique and expanding needs of people living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

NuPath has built a reputation for excellence in supporting individuals with autism to live, work, learn, grow and participate to the fullest potential in their communities.

Our Autism Focused programs are based on the following core principles:

Autism natural experiences

  • High-quality, community-based support using natural experiences and environments as teachable moments.

Autism environments

  • High staffing ratios (3:5) to ensure both safety and quality in every environment.
  • Environments that are spacious and rugged, yet immaculately clean and tastefully decorated.
  • Provision of structure and consistency in both the social and physical environments.

Health and wellness

  • Strong commitment to health and wellness, good nutrition and regular exercise – every NuPath environment has dedicated exercise space and is equipped with commercial-grade exercise equipment including treadmills, Stairmasters and recumbent bikes.
  • Prudent use of medication to treat illness, ongoing medical conditions and, where appropriate, behavioral or psychiatric conditions. The use of medication to address behavior and psycho-social considerations occurs only at the lowest dose necessary to achieve therapeutic results.

Autism scheduling consistency

  • The use of schedules (spoken, written or pictures) to consistently support routine events or sequences while introducing new experiences or learning opportunities.

Autism behaviors

  • Use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), as appropriate.
  • Applying physical restraint only as an emergency intervention – not a planned behavior consequence or behavior modification technique.
  • Supporting effective transitions across all settings using the continuation or adaptation of techniques and life experiences that have proven effective in previous life, educational and/or home settings.

Autism referrals

  • Supporting formal affiliations and strategies, as appropriate, with educational institutions and/or residential treatment programs, such as the Boston Higashi School and Daily Life Therapy®.