Autism residential supports: A path to life-long relationships

NuPath provides high-quality, specialized supports for adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through a network of well-trained staff and the pursuit of a better-quality life.

At each home that supports individuals on the spectrum, we use unique person-centered planning and a coordinated approach to best support every person. NuPath’s residential team is comprised of passionate staff dedicated to ensuring positive outcomes and hiqh-quality lives for every person we support.

Our autism programs are based on the following core principles:

Autism natural experiences

  • High-quality, community-based support using natural experiences and environments as teachable moments.

Autism environments

  • High staffing ratios (3:5) to ensure both safety and quality in every environment.
  • Environments that are spacious and rugged, yet immaculately clean and tastefully decorated.
  • Provision of structure and consistency in both the social and physical environments.

Health and wellness

  • Strong commitment to health and wellness, good nutrition and regular exercise – every NuPath environment has dedicated exercise space and is equipped with commercial-grade exercise equipment including treadmills, Stairmasters and recumbent bikes.
  • Prudent use of medication to treat illness, ongoing medical conditions and, where appropriate, behavioral or psychiatric conditions. The use of medication to address behavior and psycho-social considerations occurs only at the lowest dose necessary to achieve therapeutic results.

Autism scheduling consistency

  • The use of various schedules (spoken, written or pictures) to consistently support routine events or sequences while introducing new experiences or learning opportunities.

Autism behaviors

  • Use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), as appropriate.
  • Applying physical restraint only as an emergency intervention – not a planned behavior consequence or behavior modification technique.
  • Supporting effective transitions across all settings using the continuation or adaptation of techniques and life experiences that have proven effective in previous life, educational and/or home settings.

Autism referrals

  • Supporting formal affiliations and strategies, as appropriate, with educational institutions and/or residential treatment programs, such as the Boston Higashi School and Daily Life Therapy®.