Spreading Holiday Cheer: Schlosberg Organizes Mass State Police Toys for Tots Collection

Katie Schlosberg is in the living room of NuPath’s Middlesex Avenue residence, putting the final touches on planning for a visit by some very important guests.

“They are going to love what we have for them!” she exclaims out loud, glancing towards the window. “I want to see the looks on their faces when they walk through the door!”

In the living room sits three overflowing boxes of toys, waiting to be picked up by two members of the Massachusetts State Police as part of their annual Toys for Tots campaign. This is the tenth year that the organization has collected and donated toys, dating back to Michelle Belliveau’s time as Program Manager.

“To see how much it’s grown over the past decade is just incredible,” she said. “Katie has done a great job carrying on a proud NuPath Holiday tradition.

For Schlosberg, Middlesex Avenue’s Program Manager, this is the second year she has organized their annual collection of toys to less fortunate children around the Commonwealth. As she gazes the living room, appropriately decked out in Holiday cheer, she takes a seat and cracks a wide smile across her face.

Three boxes of toys await the arrival of the Massachusetts State Police at Middlesex Avenue as part of their Toys for Tots Collection (Photo: Giuseppe Marraccino)

“It is amazing to look at these toys we have been collecting over the past several weeks,” Schlosberg said. “It warms my heart to know we are going to make a lot of children happy this Holiday season and give back to the communities that are so generous to NuPath over the year.”

Schlosberg was the Assistant Program Manager at another NuPath residence. She was looking for a way to give back to the community that had “so graciously supported us over the years” and got connected with the State Police regarding their Toys for Tots collection.

“I asked all of our residents if they wanted to pitch in and they willingly went out and bought numerous toys,” she said. “They were more than happy to help those in need, just as they’ve been supported.”

One year later, the idea did not change but the number of toys did. Schlosberg had nearly three boxes of toys, art supplies and games to donate thanks to what she called a “total team effort from all around the organization”. State Trooper Joe Ciampa was on hand to pick the toys up and showed his appreciation for Schlosberg’s work.

We’re grateful that NuPath rallied together to make a lot of less fortunate children happier this Holiday Season,” he said. “I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.”

Schlosberg then returned the favor, saying, “I’m grateful to see you come out…it means a lot to me and the Organization to have you here and spend time with all of us.”

The Massachusetts State Police posted a picture with their Troopers, Schlosberg and the residents of Middlesex Ave. to Facebook, which has garnered plenty of positive feedback. The photo has received over 400 likes as of Wednesday afternoon.

In Schlosberg’s two-and-a-half years with NuPath, she’s taken advantage of the opportunities that have been given to her. Starting out as a weekend staff, she rapidly ascended the ranks to Program Manager. She says that her daily goal while at the house has never changed from day one.

“I love coming to work and making a difference,” she said with a smile. “There’s not many places where you can make a profound impact on someone’s life every day and feel this same support in return.”

Brett Reily, NuPath’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, was on-hand to thank Schlosberg and the troopers as well. He remarked events like these are examples of NuPath’s mission – to make life’s journey happier, healthier and more fulfilling for people living with disabilities – in action.

“The efforts by Katie, her staff and the residents they support have been tremendous,” he said. “They have not only made their lives happier, healthier and more fulfilling, but they’ve done the same for a lot of less fortunate children.”

Schlosberg believes their generosity played a major role in the growing success of what is rapidly becoming a NuPath Holiday tradition. “I firmly believe the residents their generosity encouraged others within the organization to step up and donate as well,” she said.

In fact, she’s already looking forward to next year’s donations and believes there is no place to go but up.

“Next year it is going to be even bigger,” she said. “And I love it.”