An experienced and compassionate team.

The NuPath team sets the industry standard for excellence.

From residential support staff to executive team leadership, our community is fervent in their approach to the people and communities we support.

  • Dan Harrison

    Daniel Harrison
    President and CEO


    Dan Harrison has worked with men and women with developmental disabilities for over 25 years. Dan was hired into the President/CEO position in 2013 after serving as NuPath’s Vice President of Operations since 2006.

    Dan’s creative and innovative approach has nurtured tremendous organizational growth while maintaining program stability, a solid commitment to excellence and ongoing stakeholder satisfaction. His expertise includes operational and clinical oversight of all program services, grant writing and development, staff/management training and organizational development.
  • Daniel Lannan

    Daniel Lannan
    Senior Vice President of Program Operations


    Dan Lannan has been with NuPath for over two decades, where he has served the organization in various leadership capacities.

    As Senior Vice President of Program Operations, he oversees all Day and Residential Services. Under Dan's leadership, the Day Services Division has expanded to three locations with increased supports in job placement services and employment training, Community-Based Day Supports (CBDS), Day Habilitation and Autism supports. Dan is passionate in his tireless fight for equal rights and services for NuPath's program participants and beyond, while using his experiences, regional relationships and field expertise to move forward critical Organizational and industry-wide outcome-rich initiatives.
  • Greg Morris

    Greg Morris
    Senior Vice President of Administrative Operations


    Greg Morris joined NuPath in 2012 and served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications. In his current role as SVP, Greg oversees all administrative operations and technological initiatives for the organization.

    Greg brings over 20-years of extensive high-tech industry knowledge to NuPath and has been an instrumental leader in developing and implementing innovative solutions for the Organization and beyond. Due to his collaborative efforts and keen administrative oversight, NuPath's administrative functions are more effectively and efficiently deployed through the use of current technologies and proprietary software development. Greg passionately demands only the highest quality outcomes for staff, program participants and their families, as well as NuPath's extended stakeholder base.
  • William Yetz

    William Yetz
    Senior Vice President of Finance


    Bill Yetz has been with NuPath since 2004 and has worked in the non-profit financial field for over 30 years. Bill has managed NuPath’s growth from a $4 million organization to a $20 million organization.

    He’s managed banking relations and established an investment portfolio and 403B Retirement Plan. Bill also serves as the agency’s HIPAA Compliance Officer.
  • Karen Franklin
    Vice President of Human Resources


    Karen has been with NuPath since 2016. She oversees all payroll, employee benefits, recruitment and staff relations.

    Karen joined NuPath’s senior management team as a Director in 2016, bringing over 25-years of experience in Human Resources. Having a myriad of knowledge in both private and public sectors, including high-tech, manufacturing and human services, Karen quickly infused her expertise into NuPath’s culture. She was promoted to Executive Director in 2018 and again in 2020 to Vice President of Human Resources, where she champions her influence in streamlining NuPath’s hiring process, increasing staff retention rates, supporting and assisting in union negotiations and has been a key influencer in converting the Organization to paperless technology. Karen and her team of three manage all payroll, employee benefits, recruitment and staff relations.
  • Ted Horn

    Ted Horn
    Vice President of Quality and Training


    Ted Horn has been with NuPath since 1997. He oversees all professional development initiatives and employee training.

    Ted has oversight responsibilities for compliance, funding regulations, overall program quality and system management. Throughout his career, he has managed a number of programs including residential, employment and day habilitation programs. Prior to his current position, he served as NuPath’s Director of Day Habilitation Services and Director of Development.
  • Sharon Pitts
    Vice President of Healthcare Services


    Sharon has been with NuPath since 1998 and oversees all aspects of health care services.

    Sharon has oversight responsibilities for supervising all nurses, medication systems, wellness initiatives and emergency response. Throughout her career, Sharon has taken on increasing responsibility combining her program experience with her outside acute and emergency care hospital experience. Sharon's vast experience allows her to navigate complex health care systems and liaison with hospitals, doctors and families. Despite increasing responsibilities, Sharon maintains her hands on, understandable and compassionate approach to care resulting in an approachable and trusted role model and resource.
  • Brett Reily

    Brett Reily
    Vice President of Marketing and Communications


    Brett joined NuPath in 2015 as the Director of Employment & Community Engagement and played a critical role in solidifying the Organization’s leading industry position in job seeker outcomes.

    With over 25 years of sales, marketing and communications experience, Brett was promoted to VP of Marketing and Communications in 2016 and continues to guide the company through the extensive exploration of NuPath’s brand messaging, mission, vision and values. He contributes to NuPath’s dedication to technology and innovation providing consultative support to multiple tech initiatives that have been impactful to the industry. Brett is a fierce advocate for the re-thinking and re-shaping of the general human services industry public personas and position and embodies a spirit to challenge the past practices with new perspectives and fresh ideas.