Residential services: A path to good neighbors

Our residential services offer customized staffing and support to help each person live as independently as possible and become active, contributing members of their communities.

Our unique programs are nestled in beautiful neighborhoods where the NuPath mission has quietly become integrated into the rhythm and soul of each community.

NuPath supports a philosophy that fosters a deep sense of belonging within the fabric of each community. It is not enough to just live in a neighborhood and “fit in.” Rather, it is our fundamental conviction that the people we support become fully integrated in their communities. Like anyone else, they simply want a place to call home. And that’s exactly what they get, while gaining so much more: Independence, belonging, control, confidence. That’s the power of connection.

Our homes are warm and cozy, fun and functional, safe and secure. Our residents are good neighbors and we use daily routines to educate and advocate our journey towards acceptance and inclusion. Our men and women shop for groceries, plant spring flowers, host cookouts and entertain family at Thanksgiving. We look in on sick neighbors, help shovel out cars stuck in snow and vote in local elections.

Our program’s success is measured most proudly through the ordinary life rituals that prove our belonging. Our communities are your communities and, as we continue to open more doors, we strive to open more minds.

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