50+ Years of Empowering People's Lives

Our Commitment

Based in Woburn, MA and offering services at locations across Eastern Massachusetts, we are proud to be part of a growing network of regional agencies that is changing the way the wider world views people living with disabilities. At the heart of this effort is our staff – a group of nearly 500 professionals that deliver clinical, practical, and emotional support and care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the participants in our programs.

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Our Philosophy

At NuPath we believe...

Every Person Matters

We believe that every person—regardless of their abilities—deserves the chance to live a life with dignity, joy, and self-respect. Our programs are designed to meet each person at their level of capability, offering the right balance of challenge and support to help every program participant achieve their best life possible.

Every Family Deserves Access

The web of services available for people living with disabilities, especially those that have aged out of the public school system, can be challenging to navigate. We hold sacred the trust that families place in NuPath, which is why we deliver an exceptionally high standard of quality and care through every program and service we offer.
Family sitting at a picnic table at a NuPath event

Every Community Benefits

From job placement to residential living, our programs and services help people living with disabilities participate more fully in their communities. We build confidence, ensure safety and strengthen bonds to make our communities better, more inclusive places to be.

Our Values

We stand for...
Community Unity Belonging Innovation Collaboration Sharing Community Unity Belonging Innovation Collaboration Sharing


Our core values guide everything we do at NuPath. Together they form C-U-B-I-C-S, a personification of these core beliefs, a rallying cry, a dinosaur mascot that carries on our mission forward. CUBICS challenges us to be our best selves, and inspires us to think big.
dinosaur silhouette

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

NuPath is a place where you belong. Your diverse background belongs. Your unique skills belong. Your distinctive ideas belong.

You will be respected. You will be included. You will be valued! Come be YOU as we grow together!

Leadership Team

From residential support staff to executive team leadership, our community is fervent in their approach to the people and communities we support.
Dan Harrison has worked with men and women with developmental disabilities for over 25 years. Dan was hired into the President/CEO position in 2013 after serving as NuPath’s Vice President of Operations since 2006. His creative and innovative approach has nurtured tremendous organizational growth while maintaining program stability, a solid commitment to excellence and ongoing stakeholder satisfaction.

Daniel Harrison

President & CEO

Dan Lannan has been with NuPath for over two decades, where he has served the organization in various leadership capacities. Dan is passionate in his tireless fight for equal rights and services for NuPath’s program participants and beyond, while using his experiences, regional relationships and field expertise to move forward critical Organizational and industry-wide outcome-rich initiatives.

Daniel Lannan

Senior Vice President of Program Operations

Greg Morris joined NuPath in 2012 and served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications. In his current role as SVP, Greg oversees all administrative operations and technological initiatives for the organization. Due to his collaborative efforts and keen administrative oversight, NuPath’s administrative functions are more effectively and efficiently deployed through the use of current technologies and proprietary software development.

Greg Morris

Senior Vice President of Administrative Operations

Bill Yetz has been with NuPath since 2004 and has worked in the non-profit financial field for over 30 years. Bill has managed NuPath’s growth from a $4 million organization to a $20 million organization. He’s managed banking relations and established an investment portfolio and 403B Retirement Plan. Bill also serves as the agency’s HIPAA Compliance Officer.

William Yetz

Senior Vice President of Finance

Karen has been with NuPath since 2016. She oversees all payroll, employee benefits, recruitment and staff relations. She champions her influence in streamlining NuPath’s hiring process, increasing staff retention rates, supporting and assisting in union negotiations and has been a key influencer in converting the Organization to paperless technology.

Karen Franklin

Vice President of Human Resources

Ted Horn has been with NuPath since 1997. He oversees all professional development initiatives and employee training. Ted has oversight responsibilities for compliance, funding regulations, overall program quality and system management. Throughout his career, he has managed a number of programs including residential, employment and day habilitation programs.

Ted Horn

Senior Vice President of Quality and Training

Sharon has been with NuPath since 1998 and oversees all aspects of health care services. Sharon’s vast experience allows her to navigate complex health care systems and liaison with hospitals, doctors and families. Despite increasing responsibilities, Sharon maintains her hands on, understandable and compassionate approach to care resulting in an approachable and trusted role model and resource.

Sharon Pitts

Vice President of Healthcare Services

With over 25 years of sales, marketing and communications experience, Brett continues to guide the company through the extensive exploration of NuPath’s brand messaging, mission, vision and values. Brett is a fierce advocate for the re-thinking and re-shaping of the general human services industry public personas and position and embodies a spirit to challenge the past practices with new perspectives and fresh ideas.

Brett Reily

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Matthew Johnson

Vice President of Clinical Services

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the backbone of NuPath, offering leadership, council and support across the organization. The diverse group helps NuPath pursue creative, yet growth-responsible avenues to broaden and expand operations.

Michael Rossetti


Jim Sullivan

Vice Chair

Kristen Brandt


Tyler Gates



Bridgeen Doherty

Carol A. Donovan

Arthur Duffy

Scott Hagan

Rosemarie Hubbard

Fatima Rodrigues

Diann Sespico

Sondi Stanton

Our Community Partners

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