A Path to Greater Purpose

Our Day Services are designed to help people live active and meaningful lives as members of our community.
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A Path to Community Integration

The Community-Based Day Supports (CBDS) program gives people the confidence, skills and training needed to be active participants in their community. “No Walls,” or facility-free programs are available for those able to participate. With the continued development of community partnerships, several opportunities for members of this program are made available to ensure greater opportunities in and around their local cities and towns.

A Path to Career Enhancement

NuPath offers employment training programs and an extensive job seeker preparation course that focuses on individual work goals for our clients. Job Camp is geared towards our job seekers and through weekly training classes they learn various skills, including resume preparation, interviewing techniques, and workplace etiquette and conduct. Since 2013, this yearly program has ensured the successful job placement and retention for hundreds of participants.

Over 90% of people that attend Job Camp secure and retain gainful employment while NuPath-trained staff offer continued on-the-job support to ensure a positive and successful outcomes.

A Path to Growth, Health, and Well-Being

NuPath’s Day Habilitation programs are designed for people who benefit from a more structured approach to their day in safe and nurturing environments, while maintaining community-enriched experiences.

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Physical Environments and Technologies

NuPath’s sensory-stimulation program offers tactile, visual, auditory and community experiences to people with elevated challenges, while encouraging personal growth in a safe and secure environment.


NuPath’s team of skilled nurses and therapists work with our clients and their families to provide ongoing care and improve the quality of their lives. Our devoted support team ensures all program participants have access to personalized care that meets their individual ongoing needs.

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Therapeutic Disciplines

NuPath provides several therapeutic options supporting personal happiness, health and well-being. Occupational, physical, speech and musical therapy are all offered by specially trained and compassionate staff.