A Path to Good Neighbors

Our residential services offer customized staffing and support to help each person live as independently as possible and become active, contributing members of their communities.
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Program Overview

Our unique programs are nestled in beautiful neighborhoods where the NuPath mission has become integrated into the rhythm and soul of each community.

NuPath supports a philosophy that fosters a deep sense of belonging within the fabric of each community. It is not enough to just live in a neighborhood and “fit in.” Rather, it is our fundamental conviction that the people we support become fully integrated into their communities. This fosters independence, belonging, control, and confidence for our residents.

Our homes are warm and cozy, fun and functional, safe and secure. Our residents are good neighbors and we use daily routines to educate and advocate our journey towards acceptance and inclusion. We shop for groceries, plant spring flowers, host cookouts and entertain family at Thanksgiving. We look in on sick neighbors, help shovel out cars in the winter and, more importantly, we cast our votes in local elections.

Our program’s success is measured most proudly through the ordinary life rituals that prove our belonging. Our communities are your communities and, as we continue to open more doors, we strive to open more minds.

A Path to Life-Long Relationships

NuPath provides specialized supports for adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through a network of well-trained staff and fulfilling experiences to enhance well-being.

Each residence utilizes innovative, person-centered planning and a coordinated approach to suit client needs. NuPath’s residential team is passionate, experienced and driven by their commitment to create memorable experiences and positive outcomes for each person we support.

Natural Experiences

We offer community-based supports using natural experiences and environments as teachable moments to promote personal well-being.

Autism Environments

We want our homes to be places that our residents are proud of. NuPath’s high staffing ratios (3:5) ensure safety and high-quality care in a residence that is current, clean, caring and exceeds today’s living standards.  We demand access to technology and provide our staff and residents innovative tools to ensure connectivity and transparency.

Health and Wellness

To provide program participants with the tools needed to live healthier lives, each residence has dedicated exercise space and commercial-grad equipment, including treadmills and recumbent bikes. Home-cooked meals, made from scratch, give program participants the proper nutrition needed to enhance their health and well-being.

Specialized staff are trained to give medications used to treat illness and ongoing medical conditions. Any medication used to address behavior and psycho-social conditions is only given at the lowest dosage necessary for therapeutic results.

Scheduling Consistency

Electronic shift notes and records are consistently used to support activities of daily living (ADLs), introduce new experiences and encourage personal growth.


If a challenging behavior arises, NuPath uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to resolve the situation. Physical restraint may occur, but only in the event of an emergency. It is never used for behavior modification or as a consequence.

Our goal is to foster and support positive transitions across all settings through the use of individualized, proven and successful techniques in a person’s prior environment.


When appropriate, NuPath partners with educational and/or fellow residential treatment programs, including the Boston Higashi School and Daily Life Therapy®.

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A Path to a Meaningful Life at Home

NuPath’s Shared Living program helps people increase their independence and provide opportunities for community engagement, with the support and companionship of a caretaker at home.

We work with residents and their loved ones to find fulfilling living situations that are loving and supportive. Shared living offers a natural environment to help the people we support accomplish their personal goals and lead meaningful and successful lives.

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A Path to New Experiences

NuPath offers additional supports to people who are living independently. A personalized approach to service helps offer guidance for each person to follow their unique path to health, happiness and well-being.