NuPath, an industry leader for 50 years, is actively seeking committed professionals who are serious about their professional development and serious about their work to support the growth and evolution of our dynamic organization.

The following benefits are available to full-time staff. Regular part-time employees working 20 hours or more receive pro-rated time off benefits. Relief staff and transportation staff do not receive time off benefits or insurance benefits.

Affordable health and dental insurance

Employer-paid life insurance and long-term disability


  • Fifteen days vacation per year after one full year of employment, 20 per year after three years of employment, and 25 days per year after five years of employment.


  • Twelve paid holidays.

Personal days

  • Three personal days per year.

Sick days

  • One day accrued per month, only for use for sickness or caring for a sick loved one.

Dependent care and/or medical flexible spending accounts

  • Use of pre-tax dollars for child care, elder care, or covered medical expenses. Employees can elect to have money deducted from each pay period. This amount is not taxable and will be reimbursed on a monthly basis upon submission of proper receipts.

Retirement plan

  • All employees are eligible to participate in our 403b Plan, a deferred tax plan. Employees employed for either 12 months or 1,000 hours are eligible for an agency percentage match that will be determined by an annual vote by the Board of Directors.

Supplemental insurance

  • Option for supplemental medical insurance benefits, including short-term disability.

Educational benefits

  • Depending on length of employment and hours worked, our employees are eligible for various Tuition Remission, Tuition Reimbursement and Certificate Programs.

Credit unions

  • NuPath Inc. employees are eligible for membership at the Metro Credit Union and at the Woburn Municipal Federal Credit Union.

Direct deposits

  • Paychecks are issued by direct deposit and pay stubs may be printed from an easily accessible online account at any time.

Discount coupons

  • As available.

Commendation letters

  • Written by your supervisor and reviewed by all management personnel for excellent performance.